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Dr Pathma G.

Veterinary Surgeon

Pathma graduated from Massey University (New Zealand) and has been working as a small animal veterinarian in clinics around Singapore since early 2017.

In the past year, she has worked extensively in shelter medicine to treat several rescued and stray animals. She was also actively involved in the government TNRM (Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage) program to sterilise and control the stray dog and cat population in Singapore. Her work with street dogs and community cats has made her a passionate advocate for animal welfare.

Pathma is also known for always highlighting the importance of preventative medicine to her clients. Her aim is to educate pet owners on the small but crucial aspects of taking care of their pets in their day-to-day lives to not only ensure the best possible quality of life but also for greater longevity.

On her off days she is an avid reader and hiker, and enjoys spending time at home with her 17-year-old rescue cat. Her long term dream is to buy a house large enough to be used as a hospice for geriatric cats (much to her husband's dismay).

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