Diagnostic Imaging


Digital Radiography


Radiography (X-ray) is one of the most commonly used diagnostic tools in veterinary clinics as it is a rather non-invasive method that provides a lot of information to the veterinarian for diagnosis of the disease.


X-ray may be used to evaluate the heart, lungs and great vessels within the chest cavity, abdominal organs, and bones.


Some of the conditions where an x-ray may be needed includes pneumonia, foreign bodies, masses in abdominal organs, kidney / urinary tract diseases, fractures etc.


In some medical conditions such as gastrointestinal diseases, urogenital diseases and spinal diseases, contrast radiography may be required.  


Contrast radiography is a procedure whereby a substance is used to outline certain parts of the organ to provide pertinent information to diagnose the disease.


Both our clinic houses a digital x-ray system which provides the convenience of performing the necessary diagnostics within the same visit.


Although radiography is a relatively non-invasive procedure, sedation may be required in certain circumstances to reduce anxiety or stress and pain control associated with manipulation of the animals to obtain the images.



Our Jurong clinic also provides abdominal ultrasonography services.


Ultrasonography uses a high frequency waves to produce images of internal organs.


This is a safe, relatively painless (depending on the disease condition) procedure to assess internal organs, most commonly done for the abdominal organs and the heart.


Ultrasonography can provide more information (different from the information x-ray provides) on the internal organs.


Sometimes, where indicated and clinically allowable, a biopsy may be done under the guidance of the ultrasound.


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