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Our Nurses / Receptionists


Ricky Landicho

Head Nurse, Bedok North Branch

Ricky leads the division of nurses at our Bedok branch.  Having been in the field of Veterinary medicine for the past 13 years, Ricky shares his knowledge and experiences with his team, forming a strong and effective team of nurse to serve the animals better.

On a personal front, Ricky is happily married with a son and a daughter, and enjoys spending time with his family whenever he has the change to return to his hometown in the Philippines.

Robert Manera

Head Nurse, Jurong East Branch

Robert joined Island Vets in middle of 2011 but has a wealth of experience from his many years as a vet technician in Singapore. As the head nurse, he is very knowledgeable and intuitive when it comes to animal behaviour and is highly adept with laboratory diagnostics and assisting in all surgical procedures.

Corrinne Choo

Mother Hen of Bedok Clinic

Corrinne joined Island Veterinary Clinic in 2013. She is a successful dog trainer with a string of videos of her dog. Having come from an entirely different background in fashion, she decided early on that her real passion lies in working with animals. The recipe for her success is lots of patience, persistence and understanding of their psychology. Her menagerie includes 2 Labradors, a mini Schnauzer and 2 cats.

Apple Neo

Nurse / Receptionist

Apple joined Island Veterinary Clinic in April 2011 as a receptionist and vet technician. Prior to this, she gained her experience working in other vet clinics in Singapore. She will be starting her Veterinary Certificate 2 in July, a correspondence course from Australia that allows students to pursue a diploma in veterinary nursing. Although she initially graduated with a diploma in IT service management and had tried her hand at different jobs, she decided to pursue her passion for animal care in the end. What makes her love this work so much is an animal’s unconditional love towards humans. Although some may be seen as aggressive, she believes there’s always a reason behind their behaviour and likes to try understanding their psyche in order to help them recover and relieve their suffering.

Lee Zhi Hau

Nurse / Receptionist

Lee graduated from University Malaysia Kelantan with a Degree in Animal Husbandry in 2013. He has a soft spot for the brachycephalic breed. In his spare time, he likes to go to the gym.

Lalitha Pragalathan

Nurse / Receptionist (Jurong East Branch)

Lalitha joined Island Veterinary Clinic on Nov 2017, after completing her studies in Information Systems and Business Management. In her career portfolio, Lalitha has seven years of service experience working in the hotel industry. She switched her career to work with animals to move towards her passion. Since then, she has gained much experience in handling animals and worked in various organizations such has SPCA, Jurong Bird Park and Sentosa.  Her passion lies in the love for animals and she is a proud owner of a Labrador and two Siamese cats - all of which are adopted. Personally Lalitha strongly believes in adopting pets and has a soft spot for senior pets.

Shawn Zhu

Nurse / Receptionist (Bedok Branch)

Shawn joined our Bedok Branch nursing team in March 2016.  After graduating from Temasek Polytechnic in Biotechnology/Animal Science in 2008, he took a break from the animal industry to serve our nation and re-embarked his journey in 2012.

Pursuing his interest and passion for animals, Shawn has been enhancing and improving his skills and abilities in animal handling laboratory diagnostics.

In his free time, he would be occupied in caring for his two mixed-breed dogs and one cat.

Amanda Wong

Nurse / Receptionist

Amanda joined the Bedok branch as a volunteer in January 2016 while studying in Perth. In February 2017, she graduated from Murdoch University with a Degree in Animal Sciences and continued working part time at the clinic. Her interest and passion in animal healthcare led her to pursue a full time Vet Nurse position in July 2017. 


She is passionate about providing the best care for animals and is motivated by the animals' recovery under the clinic's care. She believes that the education of owners on their pet's care is important in ensuring the animal's welfare.


In her free time, she paints, does calligraphy and attends to Belle, her miniature Schnauzer. 

Marion Ong

Nurse / Receptionist (Bedok Branch)

Marion graduated from Temasek Polytechnic in 2014 with a diploma of Veterinary Technology and has been serving the pet community ever since. She believes the key to a patient's successful recovery is teamwork between the clinic and the pet owners. In her spare time, she enjoys writing when not getting chased by her foster cats in Malaysia. 

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