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Soft Tissue Surgery


Soft tissue surgeries refer to any surgeries on the body that do not involve the bones. Our clinics are able to perform soft tissue surgeries on dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs.


Soft tissue surgeries most commonly involve the skin (removal of lumps/masses), bladder (stone removal), ear (aural haematoma), liver (biopsy), spleen (complete removal due to cancer), intestines (removal of foreign body, biopsy), lymph nodes (biopsy or removal) and eyes (conjunctival flaps, enucleation).


Surgeries not mentioned above may be enquired with our clinics for availability.


Pets undergoing such procedures will need to be assessed physically and have blood tests done, with the vet discussing aspects of the surgery with the owner to ensure a good outcome.


Post-surgical hospitalization may be necessary in some cases.




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