Jurong Team Members
Our Vets

Dr Tharm Sook Keng

Veterinary Surgeon

She graduated in 2003 from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia and had been working in small
animal practices in Singapore until 2011 when she partnered Dr Poon in setting up Island Veterinary
Clinic. With an enduring interest in surgery, she has attended multiple soft tissue and orthopaedic
workshops internationally, picking up skills in patellar repair; oncologic surgery and orthopaedic repair
of fractures. In 2018, she sat on the local organizing committee for the World Small Animal Veterinary
Association (WSAVA) congress held in Singapore. As a veterinary adviser for the Himalayan Mutt Project,
she also contributes and participates in a neuter and vaccination program that aims to bring veterinary
help to the higher reaches of the Annapurna circuit. Since 2014, she has been lovingly adopted by an
abandoned Japanese Spitz.


Dr Sophia Wong

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Sophia graduated from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh in the UK, with a degree in veterinary medicine and surgery. She returned home after graduation to work at a busy small animal before joining Island Vets in 2014.

She completed her post graduate studies at the European School of Veterinary Post-graduate Studies (ESVPS) and is a certificate holder in Exotic Animal Practice.

A dedicated practitioner of dog and cat internal medicine, her expertise further extends into medicine, imaging and surgery of birds, reptiles, small furries, rabbits, and other species. She was featured in the Straits Times editorial on turtle care.

She constantly endeavours to provide the best veterinary care to animals, and is committed to educating and communicating with owners to improve awareness and husbandry knowledge for their pets’ long-term well being.

Outside of work, she is a keen swimmer and spends time with her expanding menagerie of three mongrels and a cat.


Dr Poon Yuet Foong

Veterinary Surgeon

She graduated from Murdoch University in Australia in 2005 with a degree in veterinary medicine and surgery. She also has a degree in Business from NTU(1998).

She has worked in in a busy small animal practice in Singapore prior to IslandVets . During this period, she has taken time off to obtain the Certificate of Veterinary Acupuncture from The Chi Institute which is jointly awarded by the China National Society of TCVM in 2009.

She is a registered Vet Acupuncturist in The Chi Institute and hence is recognised by the IVAS. She has also completed the advanced acupuncture training in 2010. In addition, she has attended classes in Food nutrition and herbal classes conducted by the Chi Institute.

Dr Poon has also completed Sydney University's CVE courses in Ophthalmology ( 2009) and Surgery( 2010) . She has also attended various workshops in surgery conducted by Improve Interbation in Swindon, United Kingdom. She has also done various courses on avian medicine and practice management. She is continuing her interest in internal medicine by attending continuing education courses In Melbourne . In addition, she is hoping to further her interest in complementary medicine by getting certified in canine rehabilitation in the near future.

Her interest is in medicine with emphasis on integrating both conventional and chinese medicine to obtain the best results.


Dr Tanja Kahrs

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Tanja graduated from the University of Sydney in 2011 with a degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. She also has obtained a degree in Zoology from the University of Bristol. After graduation, she returned to her home country of Singapore where she worked for a busy small animal practice prior to joining Island Vets.

She has completed courses in Feline medicine and Internal Medicine with the University of Sydney CVE program. She has a keen interest in Internal Medicine and hopes to further develop her skills in Surgery and Radiology. She also has a passion for all things “Feline”.

She believes in the importance of preventative pet healthcare, which aims to evaluate pet health and recognise early signs of disease.

In her free time, she enjoys nature and conceptual photography. She is an avid film enthusiast and is quite fond of reading every chance she gets.


Dr Prithiba Manickavasagar

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr Prithiba graduated from Murdoch University in Australia in 2002 with a degree in veterinary medicine and surgery. She also has an honours degree in Zoology from the National University of Singapore (1998).

She worked in Adelaide before returning to Singapore, where she practiced, for a period of 7 years, at a busy small animal practice.

She has managed a variety of clinical cases and has performed both routine and elective soft tissue surgeries on both domestic and small mammals. During the course of her work, she also attended regularly at the SPCA performing numerous neuters of rabbits and guinea pigs.

Over the years she has attended continuing education courses, both locally and overseas and is a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. She is now qualified to perform ultrasound scans of the abdomen

As a clinician and surgeon, she supports preventive medicine, client education and proactive medical management as central tenets of veterinary care.

She firmly believes in helping owners help their pets. She is a mother of two boys and a girl and believes that serving animals complements her nuturing role as a parent.

Our Staff

Robert Manera

Head Nurse

​Robert joined Island Vets in middle of 2011 but has a wealth of experience from his many years as a vet technician in Singapore. As the head nurse, he is very knowledgeable and intuitive when it comes to animal behaviour and is highly adept with laboratory diagnostics and assisting in all surgical procedures.

Lalitha Pragalathan

Nurse / Receptionist

​Lalitha joined Island Veterinary Clinic on Nov 2017, after completing her studies in Information Systems and Business Management. In her career portfolio, Lalitha has seven years of service experience working in the hotel industry. She switched her career to work with animals to move towards her passion. Since then, she has gained much experience in handling animals and worked in various organizations such has SPCA, Jurong Bird Park and Sentosa.  Her passion lies in the love for animals and she is a proud owner of a Labrador and two Siamese cats - all of which are adopted. Personally Lalitha strongly believes in adopting pets and has a soft spot for senior pets.

Apple Neo


Apple joined Island Veterinary Clinic in April 2011 as a receptionist and vet technician. Prior to this, she gained her experience working in other vet clinics in Singapore. She will be starting her Veterinary Certificate 2 in July, a correspondence course from Australia that allows students to pursue a diploma in veterinary nursing. Although she initially graduated with a diploma in IT service management and had tried her hand at different jobs, she decided to pursue her passion for animal care in the end. What makes her love this work so much is an animal’s unconditional love towards humans. Although some may be seen as aggressive, she believes there’s always a reason behind their behaviour and likes to try understanding their psyche in order to help them recover and relieve their suffering.



Syarah graduated from Republic Polytechnic in 2018 with a diploma in Marine Science and Aquaculture. She always had a passion for working with and helping animals and it was further strengthen after she was given the opportunity to work and care for the lovable aquatic animals in River Safari such as the manatees and the giant fresh stingrays. She decided to further improve her knowledge and enhance her skills by venturing out into the veterinary industry. Syarah joined the Jurong team in July 2019 as a receptionist with a year’s experience in the veterinary industry.
In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and playing with her two furry feline kids, Horlicks and Tigger. She also enjoys playing video games and writing whenever she has time.

Zhi Hau


​Lee graduated from University Malaysia Kelantan with a Degree in Animal Husbandry in 2013. He has a soft spot for the brachycephalic breed. In his spare time, he likes to go to the gym.

Nabilah Mohd Saad


Nab’s have been working with animals all her life.

She was a former zookeeper at River Safari where she had the opportunity to care and train animals of various species. From the big carnivores,hoofstocks,reptiles and primates.

She spent 7 wonderful years with Wildlife Reserves Singapore and now she‘s still working with animals, but in a different perspective, nursing.

Apart from animals, she enjoys music, nature, the beach and makeup. Nabs does pet sitting too and she’s a proud owner of her “Black Panther” named Snow and her newly adopted cat named Blu.

Nabs don’t bite, so if you see her around, please say Hi!

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