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In-House Diagnostics / Laboratory


We offer a wide range of blood tests for detecting various diseases in your pets. They are done at the advice of the attending veterinarian with the most appropriate test(s) selected for your pet.



Allergy Test

This blood analysis can pick out the allergens causing your pet's problems. They range from food to airborne particles.



Antibody titres

Helps detect the levels of antibodies protecting your pet from the core viral diseases they are vaccinated against. Knowledge of the levels help determine if vaccination is required to boost the immunity. 




Analyzes liver enzymes, kidney by-products, electrolytes, glucose and protein levels. These values are an indicator of the organ health in your pet and is a quintessential test in the diagnosis of most illnesses.



Blood smear and cytology

Analyzes the types of cells present and in some cases, to detect blood parasites within the red blood cells.



Blood / urine / bodily fluid culture and sensitivity

Identifies the bacteria causing an unexplained fever, infection or related symptoms and helps pinpoint suitable antibiotics to fight the infection.



CBC (complete blood count)

Analyses the red and white cell components of your pet’s blood. The results can tell if your pet is anaemic or having an infection, amongst a broader spectrum of conditions.

Heartworm test – Detects the presence of adult female heartworms in your pets.



Rabies titre

This is purely for pets travelling to other countries that have such a prerequisite. For information on this, please check the respective country for the import requirements. 



Serology or Antibody level measurements

These are specific tests to check if your pet is producing antibodies to various viral or bacterial diseases. These tests may be expensive but are necessary to confirm suspect diseases.



Thyroid test

This helps to check the thyroid levels when hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are suspected.



Urinalysis & microscopy

Detects the body's ability to concentrate urine and substances which may allow diagnosis of diseases such as inflammation, infection, diabetes and urinary crystals. 



As we are not a laboratory, despite the wide range of tests available in our clinics, we will still need to send certain samples to external laboratories for other testing, when indicated.

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