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Acupuncture / Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM)


Acupuncture literally means to insert needles into certain points on the body to aid in healing . Each points follow a meridian channel along which Qi flows. Acupuncture has been practiced by the Chinese  for thousands of years. Veterinary acupuncture uses the knowledge gained from human beings and transposing the classical points to the animals 


However , TCVM is a discipline that involves not only acupuncture but also herbal medicine, nutrition as well as Tuina .


Herbal Medicine uses herbs from the Chinese Herbal Materia Medica in certain combinations to treat particular disease patterns. They are administered orally in teapills or capsules.


Food Therapy refers to the use of diet to treat and prevent imbalance within the body. It uses the understanding of the energetics of food ingredients to tailor diets for individual animals. It is similar to when we are are "heaty" when we eat too much fried food and out body will crave for the coolign effects of fruits and begtables. It strives to balance the yin and yang .


Tui na is a form of chinese masage that  is applied along the meridian points ,allowing manipulations to promote the circulation of qi and correct imbalance within the organ systems. 


TCVM is seen as a complementary form of therapy and is best used in conjuntion with Western Veterinary Medicine . TCVM is holistic approach to assess the well being of the patient and tretaments are usually non invasive with few side effects . However on the other hand, it cannot help to pinpoint illness to speciifc diseases. Hence a combination of  both treatments is the best .


For first-time client seeking TCM treatment, an initial consultation would be needed to determine the appropriate treatment for your pet. To facilitate this, we would also request for the medical history of your pet. 

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